She packed my bags last night pre-flight

Just heard an announcement that the plane is here already and although it’s only 10:30, we’re going to board early and get out of here right on time.

That means that this is probably going to be my last photo of the trip. If we’re still on the gound at 11:30, I’ll snap another pic, but I won’t be able to load it until I get to an internet connection. This layover has been so long and I’ve really wasted my day at the airport. I should have gone to a hotel, checked my bags, played a few hands of blackjack and come back to the airport. Remember that next time you’re in this situation!

This photo is of me (again) but in this one you can see the gate agent behind me. Everytime I went to snap the photo he turned away. This is the best one of the bunch.

gate agent

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