Big changes

Big changes are on the horizon. Some are palpable, some are less tangible I think the Democrats are going to win back congress. I didn’t think this last week. But since Mark Foley’s IMs got out and the GOP cover-up ensued, I think voters will realize that the Republican machine that has been building over the last 12 years is about to collapse. That being said, this small part of me is very scared that the machine they built up is getting ready to attack. 12 years of gerrymandering congressional districts and creating a never ending reservoir of Republican lobbyists who are hell bent to do whatever it takes to keep the GOP in control, because a Republican controlled congress means they still have influence and influence = power. But just maybe the voter will realize that most of the woes facing the country are based in Republican misdeeds.

Foley’s follies might mean hard right voters are so disgusted that instead of voting for the “lesser of two evils” they don’t vote. But counting on people not voting to win an election is hardly a way to win an election. But as my dad says, “a win is a win.”

Aside from the election, I start a new job on 10/15. I’m sad to leave I really loved that place, I was on the founding team and helped build some of the web’s most creative original content that no one ever saw. I worked so many early mornings and late nights and poured my heart into almost everything I did there. But it didn’t work out. I am heartbroken over this change, but I am very excited to start with a company like EchoDitto. They are so innovative and pride themselves on change and creativity! It’s going to be great.

I am sitting at a coffee shop near Dupont circle with my friend Julia.julia

Did I post my NY trip? Check out my flickr page to see how I couldn’t get a NY Times in NY.

Because i’m linking to my NY trip, I’m going to check the Travels catergory, but yes, it’s sort of a stretch.


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