Gone in 60 seconds

From the opening tip-off, I knew the Clippers were in trouble. But I think they lost on purpose because I was at the game. 1) From the opening tip-off, I think the Clippers were confused on which basket they were defending. 2) Elton Brand had 7 points. 3)Cutino Mobley, also on my fantasy team, had about 15 minutes of playing time. 4) The biggest celebrity at the game was the guy who plays Raven Symone’s dad on “That’s So Raven.

I like the Clippers like I love a distant relative who I don’t see too much. We’re related so we care about each other’s well-being, but if we miss each other’s birthday, there are no hard feelings. However I LOVE the Lakers like I love my parents. And a Clipper loss means the Lakers lead in the PacDiv grows to 1.5 games.

So I guess I’m happy either way. The Clippers maybe finished for the night, but my Thanksgiving holiday just got started. Tomorrow is the great pie eating contest! Wish me luck. If anyone has any pointers on winning a pie eating contest, please let me know!


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