Clap! Clap! The night was fun

So the final two panels of the day were kind of weak sauce, but the rest of the evening was amazing. We started out trying to get into Dorkfest, the problem was it was too crowded and named dorkfest. So we left and went to Six on 4th and Colorado. It was the Fox interactive party. Any chance I get to drink Rupert Murdoch’s beer and eat his fried cheese I will. I must have had 3 of Rupert’s Shiners. Thanks Myspace. I left that party, found a cab and went to radio shack where I had questions and so did the sales clerks. Do you have a DV camera? Sure! “great how much?” 349. $349!? I asked. No, $3.49. “What?” I asked. Oh, the tapes are $3.49. The cheapest camera we have is $80. “Ok,” I said, “I’ll take it.” Worst $80 I ever spent.

I took the same cab back and talked African politics with him and abortion. Fun ride.

I got back to the hotel, changed and went to town. We went to a few bars looking for dinner. In the end I had a slice of pizza. Before we called Friday a close, we had some pizza. It was delicious and from this rock and roll pizza place. This place was nothing like last night. Pseudo Italian and gross. No good.

I met Mike Krempansky at Driskill for a few drinks. Then off to 8-Bit.

8-Bit was a fun party that was off the beaten path some where on E.11 Street. While it was kind of a schlep to get to (a whopping $4.25 cab ride, split into two) the party was held in an outdoor area, maybe a backyard of sorts. Drinks were flowing.

Justin from blogads and I were then off to the Austinist party. It was list only and I was not on the list. Oh well. Hey, I’m with the media. Of course! Come on in. The Austinist was probably the best party of the weekend so far. Sure they had a really great band called Clap! Clap! play. Guys, if you’re reading this, allow the singers voices to come through. You’re all great musicians, but the singers need to be heard. After some more beer, Redbull, red and blue drinks and Izzy soda, we played some Wii, used a portapotty more than once and talked to a homeless woman, whom I gave $10 to. Oh, I thought it was a 5-spot. Oh well. I told her to put it to getting shelter for tonight so she could give the kid to be some rest. I hope she used the $10 wisely. After free drinks and a donation, Justin and I headed back to 6th street for more pizza. We went to Hocks! Yum, now that’s good pizza.

After walking back to the Hyatt. I’m tired. Big day tomorrow.

Pictures to come!

We went to the right spot Hocks pizza. cash only, but the ambiance was worth it all.


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