Am I a film maker? SxSW will tell you.

I made a video and put it on the web? Am I a filmmaker? I’m splitting my 2:00 panel between a panel that asked the question of “Am I a film maker?” and a mobile messaging platform that features Julie Germany and Jed Alpert, two people leading the mobile messaging field.

The “am I a filmmaker panel” is more or less a debate about big media. This is a question that bloggers are asked all the time. So you put news content on your blog, what makes you a journalist? Filmmaker Chris Gore suggests that young people are watching so much video content online that sooner rather than later, a moviemaker will post their film exclusively on the web for a small donation. But since the film will never see the big screen is the media being consumed a movie or a webvideo? Is the maker of the content providing user-generated content or a moviemaker?

I am now at the mobile messaging panel. There are a few questions being asked, how do you deal with revenue sharing with the phone companies? Most phone companies take about 50 percent of the donation made.

How do you get people to use text messaging for activism? For example Ben Rigby of MobileVoter a platform for registering voters said that his problem was users were not registering to vote until two-weeks before the registration deadline.

The bottom line is there are so many uses of mobile applications and so many players in the field that a panel like this it’s hard to nail down what one application is going really take off. But the fact is that there is almost no one left without a cell phone. With penetration like that, there is no better way to market to individuals.

The best part about going to cell phone marketing events is it always ends with some sort of sample pitch, txt word to 12345 and get something back. Las July I won a $5 gift card to Starbucks, I gave it away to a homeless guy to impress a date. Today’s panel was a VIP invite to a party tonight. Send me a comment with your email and I’ll send you the text message invite.


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