Big Apple

I’m in New York for a client meeting. Our office is in SoHo just outside of the Village but I’m staying in Midtown near Penn Station. On my way back to the village to a bar called Dove to meet my friend Emily, I was riding the subway to W4. An older woman was running (and I mean running) to the train. Well, the reason they tell you not to run is because they don’t want to see you slip and fall. Well, they were right. This older woman, took a tumble like you wouldn’t believe. As if she was stealing home, she took a headfirst dive onto the ground.

I helped her up and then she stumbled again. I was there this time to catch her. Mitzvah for the day.

Below are four pics of me on my train ride up. I tried to get a nice background shot. One is from MD, two are from NJ and the fourth is from NY. Sorry Delaware.

1 photo-67.jpg34

PS John Edwards is out.


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