Lonelygirl15-alternative reality game

From time-to-time I like to talk about Lonelygirl15. This is the story of Bree, her friend Daniel and their adventures. It started out with Bree speaking into web cam about boys, school and her parents. It has since morphed into a who done it mystery serial show.

Lonelygirl15 has such a loyal fan base, the show has viewers who live on the site. When I was in Austin last month at SxSW, I sat in on a panel called, “The Making of Lonelygirl15.” To prove how loyal their fans are, the creators loaded a new video to the site and clicked refresh. In the time it took for the page to load, there were already two comments.

The other interesting point about the show, viewers are getting into the bit and doing whatever the show asks them to. For example, the character Daniel will ask viewers to help him solve a puzzle. Thousands of viewers do, making this an alternative reality game. NBC wishes they could get such loyal viewers. It’s all about perceived accessibility.



BTW There’s a secret message in this photo that helps move the game along.

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