Romney Pandering to the Religious Right

None of the Republicans running for president have won over the South Conservative Voters (they think) they have to in order to win the GOP nomination. Between McCain attacking Jerry Falwell in 2000 and then courting him for 2008, Romney was for gay and abortion rights before he was against them, Rudy being pro-gun control, gay rights and abortion rights and Huckabee raised taxes while he was governor, the Southerners are unhappy!

So Mitt Romney showing his true conservative side (joke intended) came out today to say that he would like Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, Governor Mark Sanford (ugh!) and Sen. Jim DeMint as possible running mates. This would please the far-right and would make the former governor more appealing to the white Southern voter.

Check out the AP story not titled Romney Panders to the Right; Right says ‘No Thanks’


One Response to Romney Pandering to the Religious Right

  1. coffee says:

    the crazy thing is that a lot of people would actually vote for Jeb Bush (the brother of George W)

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