Is Traditional Media starting to get it?

The Washington Post has recently redone its website. The new design isn’t groundbreaking and if you aren’t paying attention, you may not notice the changes, but the WaPo is bringing in a simpler design and more webvideo. Right now, the site features two really great videos one about the US Attorney scandal and the other about the anti-war group Code Pink. The Code Pink video is really a great piece  of journalistic work. It give a brief snapshot about the organziation and their efforts, but also follows the group as the protest the halls of Congress and the Congressional Office Buildings.

In one scene a Capitol Police office is seen knocking a a female protester off her feet. She is looks to be hurt by the confrontation. In another, the Capitol Police are fighting with the women’s protest group to take down a 30 foot banner the group has brought into the Hart Senate Building.

Congrats to the Washington Post and their efforts to make their website more interactive.

See the video here

Washington Post Video


2 Responses to Is Traditional Media starting to get it?

  1. mstem says:

    eh, the pre-roll ad and crappy video player turned me off. but overall, the WaPo has been far more aggressive than other US newspapers in taking advantage of being online (although still nowhere near the BBC)

  2. ugh, pre-roll, but they’ll learn.

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