Sirius: A modest proposal

I have the Sirius Stiletto 100 portable radio and I love it! I love listening to Howard 100 in the morning and NPR on the weekend. It’s great. I was on the rain the other day to New York and wanted to finish listening to Howard Stern interviewing his ex-girlfriend Angie Everhart. I didn’t finish the interview because I couldn’t get reception on the train, but that’s not my problem.

Upon my return to DC I realized that I left my Stiletto’s wall charger on the train! Ok, that means that I’d have to buy a new one. But wait, you can’t buy a new wall charger. You can’t get one on the Sirius website, Radioshack, Circuit City nor Best Buy.

I had to buy the Stiletto Home Kit for like $80. $80?!? come on Sirius. I can’t be the only person who’s lost the charger.

Please Sirius, start selling the wall charger separately. Stiletto

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