itunes recommends something I already bought

I love finding new bands and hearing music for the first time. My knowledge of music is pretty basic, but I’d like to think I have an eclectic taste to the songs that I listen to. My friend Michael has been buying me a bunch of music lately though iTunes gift this song feature. It’s great. You like a song, you buy it and you have the option to spend 99 cents again to send the gift to a friend. Well, Michael sent me the song, I get an email from iTunes telling me my friend bought me the song. And in that email iTunes tells me what other music people who bought the song also bought. Great, if I like this song, I might want to buy the entire album, maybe I’d buy a song by someone in the same genre. No iTunes told me that people who bought the song, “Dreams” by The Whitest Boy Alive also bought “Dreams” by The Whitest Boy Alive.

Not very helpful iTunes. Not very helpful.



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