I love when blogs make noise

Curt Shilling is a Republican who won the world series and the campaigned with George Bush in New Hampshire in 2004. But Shilling is an avid blogger and before blogging, Shilling had been known to participate in baseball chat rooms. Shilling got himself in a bit of a bind recently when he went on talk radio and announced that Barry Bonds admitted to using steroids, cheated on his wife and taxes and major league baseball is avoiding celebrating Bond’s inevitable feat of Bonds becoming baseball’s all-time homerun king. Shilling also volunteered that his comments weren’t an issue of race.

The Sox’ ace felt really bad about badmouthing Bonds, so he apologized on his blog. His blog, 38 pitches, is dedicated to baseball, sports other than baseball, his thoughts on life and general philosophy. Some of the posts get hundreds of comments, some register just more than a dozen, but yesterday’s blog post is getting a ton of attention. Shilling apologized to Bonds, his family, the Giants, the Red Sox and all of Major League Baseball for his comments about Bonds sex life, finances and alleged drug use.

The papers picked up on Shilling’s apology and ran with it. WordPress’s stats proclaim 38pitches as the number 2 blog of the day. Controversy on the radio, the answer found on the blogosphere, traditional media has to look to the bloggers for then answer.

I love when blogs make noise.


BTW, Bush lost New Hampshire in 2004.

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