My friends Morra and Nicco were married this past weekend in what was one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to (unless I’ve been to your wedding and then that was great too). The wedding ceremony and reception took place in the catskill mountains at the beautiful Onteora Mountain House about 13 miles from Woodstock, NY. The ceremony took place about an hour before sunset and from the vantage point,  the bride, groom and all 130 guests looked over the mountains to see a carpet of lush green trees, a sweeping mountain tops. Morra looked so beautiful in her strapless wedding gown and the groom equally as handsome in his black tux and black Chuck’s. After the ceremony, we went back to a large indoor/outdoor room for dinner and dancing. All-in-all the wedding was amazing! Mazel Tov Morra and Nicco.
Morra and Nicconicco and parentsmorra and family

The next day, a bunch of us headed up to Woodstock for some mother’s day lunch sans mothers. Check out my photos of the wedding and the weekend at flickr.

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  1. George says:

    mazel mazel!

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