Drying clothes, drying out…getting ready to leave

After a third straight night of going out…finally today we can rest. People in Dubai party hard and they know how to keep going. It’s truly amazing. After three days I’m ready to leave, detox, sleep and eat some local food (for example today I had fish and chips and yesterday I had Indian food).

Today we got an earlier start and headed to UAE state of Shajah (7 states make up the UAE and Shajah is the 3rd largest), about 20 minutes outside of Dubai, for a modern art exhibit that is held in their convention center called the Sharjah Biennial. Check out their website.  You can learn about the art and the artists and you’ll be ahead of the curve because no one was there! There was some seriously beautiful art commisioned by the UAE government on display for free and no one was there. Right now, Fritz and I are back at Nate’s house hanging out with his roommate Iris drying our clothes before we go off to the airport for our respective flights to Delhi. We arrive in Delhi at 5:00am just in time to chillout at a hotel (as fritz pointed out to me, we don’t have a reservation at a hotel yet).

Some observations:

  1. I can’t keep up with the drinking of the Dubai expats.
  2. I can’t keep up with the spending of the Dubai expats.
  3. The expats are wonderfully welcoming people who I am really glad I took the time to meet.
  4. When you’re hanging out with people and they start to make fun of religion, nations of origin or intergender relations, run away and don’t look back.

PS Pictures and videos are coming soon…I hope…


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