I was reading my  few posts about my trip and they all seemed like I’m whining. While the first part of the trip was so luxe, expensive and not what I expected. This trip is by far the best thing I have ever done. India is AMAZING.

After leaving my friend Nate’s house in Dubai, tired and ready to leave, my flight from Dubai to Bahrain was delayed. After calming down an insurrection by fellow passengers, I helped about 8 of 10 passengers who were going to miss their connecting flight from Bahrain to Delhi board a direct flight from Dubai to Delhi. I was not among the luck 8. My flight from Dubai to Bahrain left 3 hours after the fact thus leaving me in Bahrain for 20 hours until the next daily flight from Bahrain to Delhi departed. Gulf Air, put me and my fellow stranded passengers up in a former Best Western Hotel. Abroad, all the cheap American hotel chains are REALLY nice. 

There isn’t a ton to do in the city of Manana, Bahrain, but you can make a Michael Jackson joke and everyone laughs (Jacko moved to Bahrain after being acquitted of whatever he did.). 

I got into Delhi the next day, but my stories of Delhi, our driver, the Taj Mahal and Jaipur, Rajistand will have to wait. I’m in an internet cafe, but about to board a flight to Mumbai for the night. Fritz and I head off to South India tomorrow morning.

One quick observation:

1. Indian children love WWE. They say, “Oh you’re from America! Do you know Batista from WWE?!?” “Of course I do!” “We love him and the Undertaker. Indians like three things Cricket, WWE and football.”

 This conversation has happened on more than a few occasions.  



One Response to India!

  1. Isn’t a Batista someone who works at Starbucks?! Glad to hear you’re having such an amazing time and learning so much. I can’t wait to see your photos! Tell Fritz I say hi! 🙂

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