Jew Town, Cochin, India

I’m in the city of Cochin, India right now. Cochin is known for its Chinese fishing nets, Kathakali dancing and a place called Jew Town where thousands of years ago Jews came to escape the Romans in Jerusalem. Today there are only a few Jews left in Cochin (or Kochi) but the old synagogue from 1560 remains.

Fritz and I arrived in Cochin after spending two days on a house boat in the beautiful city of Alappuz. We got to Alappuza after spending the night in a Hare Krishna temple/hotel in Mumbai.

The Hare Krishna hotel was spacious and clean, but so fat the most expensive place we’ve stayed at $40/night. The room had a North Korean like speaker which plays “Music Divine” whenever the guest wishes to hear it. At 4:00am guests are woken up with the sound of small symbols and the chanting of prayer. A few hours later a service starts…although interested, we passed on our way to breakfast. I can’t wait to post the pictures.

We flew to a city called Trivandium and then took a bus to Alappuza. The bus was an experience. Autos in India don’t use turn signals, they honk their horn. They honk their horn to say hello or up yours. They honk a lot. Our bus’ horn was loud and by the time we arrived in Alapuzza we would be happy to never hear a horn again.

We got to this really cool guest house where the hosts played music and shared some beers.

The next day Fritz and I boarded this house boat for two days on the river. They were AMAZING. Very relaxing, you know the scenes out of the corona ads where they show a tropical setting…that was thisplace. After relaxing and eating some of the most amazing Southern Indian food, we headed to some of the small Island village to meet the locals. We were greeted by the most beautiful children who were eager to ask our names, where we are from and if we had a pen to give them. This faces were so happy and content with life, it really puts everything in perspective. They don’t have a lot, but they have family and that’s all that matters.

I have tons of pictures of children that were over joyed when I took a picture of them and then showed them the photo. Some of them gave me their addresses so I can mail them their photos. I can’t wait.

Off to get ready for dinner and Kathakali dancing tonight. Happy Memorial Day!

fishing netsfishing nets downFritz and Jana


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