Bangalore Rocks…

or so said all the newspapers this morning.* Aerosmith played their first concert in India last night. I would have gone, tickets were only $40, but I really don’t like Aerosmith. I saw Aerosmith in college for free. These guys were at the show, they walked out after the opening act, gave us their ticket stubs and my friend and I used the stubs to get in.

On my 6:50am flight from Bangalore to Delhi I met three people who went to the show and then made the early morning flight. That’s impressive.

Fritz and I parted ways after Mysore. He’s got another month here and I have only one day. In order for me to see what I wanted to see and catch my connecting flights and for him to stay on a logical course, we had to split up. I went to the small town of Hampi, about 10 hours (200km/150miles) from Mysore. There are some amazing ruins there, a monolothic Bull (read some Ramayana) and a beautiful temple (where I saw a dog and monkey fight over a bunch of bananas). However about an hour after I got to Hampi I get really sick. I finally got Delhi Belly. So most of what I saw in Hampi came from my the guest house I was staying at. I owe the Gopi House a new bucket.

After I left Hampi on another 10 hour bus ride for Bangalore, not sleeping or eating in 24 hours, being sick, etc, I was in a shitty mood. Rickshaw drivers who asked me if I wanted a ride were met with snarls and very unkind words.

Feeling the effects of everything, I found a really nice hotel and crashed for the day.

* Bangalore means the town of boiled beans…Aerosmith are known as a Boston band. One headline said, The Boys of Boston Rocked Beantown

Bangalore1Bangalore streetbangalore street2

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