Time for a shake-up

If you have a video you want to easily upload to the internet, there’s always YouTube. It’s easy to use, send links, embed video. But if you don’t like YouTube and miss the days when Google had its own branded video player, you can still upload your video on to Google video. If you want to make some money for the video you produced, you can use Revver, Break, Metacafe, blip.tv or veoh. If you want to post video straight to your blog wordpress has a player. If your video is just meant for friends and family there’s no problem there either. Friendster uses Grouper’s video player, Facebook and Myspace have their own players.

Confused on what video player fits your needs or want to compare video quality check out  the Life Goggles where you can compare no less than 32 different players with names like vimeo, ning and eyespot. But it doesn’t stop there. There’s still video egg, and Cozmo.tv where users can rate videos they see other places and Yahoo’s Jumpcut where filmmakers can edit their home movies.

There are so many video players that all do basically the same thing: Convert videos files to flash, host the video and make it easy to publish and share the content. So the question is why so many choices?

First: The Big Payday
Everyone of these guys thinks they are going to be the next Google acquisition and maybe they’ll get their piece of the Google pie.

Second: Every Player Has Its Niche.
Many of these players boasts something that their brethren doesn’t have. Jumpcut edits, Revver pays, Metacafe ranks, Ziddeo broadcasts. Everyone is different.

But does the world need 100 different video players? No, of course not. But what will slow doing the proliferation of players? First, there’s going to be a shake up. Funding is going to be pulled from a second tier player and that’s going to make other investors nervous. Second, there are going to be mergers. So many of the players do similar things, why not combine resources, save on hosting fees, combine bandwidth, commission content and pay content producers.

It’s time to stop reinventing the wheel and start innovating. It would be great if a few of the people behind a few of these players met for a weekend and discussed what they could do if they could combine forces. Perhaps the world could be introduced to some quality video content that is too daring for network television and too creative to be placed in a dark corner of the internet.

The shake up can’t come soon enough. That’s when we’ll all see the big payday.


2 Responses to Time for a shake-up

  1. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the link, you make some interesting points. It has also occured to me why so many small bit players are struggling for a tiny share of the market, when they could combine talent and resources. Maybe one day they’ll listen to you!

  2. […] I was wrong… A few weeks ago, I wrote that there should be a major shake up in the video player world. My argument was there are too many […]

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