Google is a media company

I have three radio shows that I don’t miss: Howard Stern, On the Media and This American life.  I listen to Howard and On the Media on my Sirius radio.  I listen to This American Life on my local NPR station or the podcast.

I never OTM missed because it’s impossible to miss it. If I don’t hear it on WAMU on Saturday, I’d download the podcast and listen to it on Monday at work. Now I have my Sirius programmed to record the episode every Saturday morning at 9:00. On the media has just always seemed to be ahead in understanding  the emerging media. They were talking about the power of blogs, bloggers and their effect on media for years. OTM just seemed ahead of the curve of new media and the impact of web 2.0.

However today, OTM seemed slightly myopic in their assessment of Google as a political player. In a piece which aired today, the guest host Amy Eddings, asked NPI’s Pete Lyden about the impact of Google and YouTube on the political system.

Google, the host said, has the responsibility to cover politics AND make money from it.  She asked if this was possible to remain as passive  search engine and a provider of political news coverage while trying to be profitable from selling political ad words.

Of course it is. Google, like CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News , the Washington Post, LA Times and more, is a news organization that report on politics, provide commentary and then break for paid content sponsored by the same campaign (or political movement) that was just reported on by the news service. News outlets, websites and some blogs included, are intended as money making ventures. Google, which is more profitable than many of the aforementioned news outlets’ parent companies, is a news organization too. OTM never shows that Google is anything other than a new news outlet.

OTM’s inability to understand that Google is now a news organization is disappointing as the New York Public Radio show is usually ahead of curve, not woefully behind it.

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