LonelyGirl15 has lovely skin

Variety and New Tee Vee reports today that Lonelygirl15 has signed on Neutrogena as a sponsor:

In an unusual promotional partnership, Neutrogena has inked a deal with the producers of the popular Web series to help market “Lonelygirl15” — with one of the company’s young scientists to join the cast.

Show’s new character, who will make his first appearance Monday and appear in episodes over the next two months, had already been conceived by the show’s creators, Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, as a 22-year-old scientist who helps the series’ lead characters create a serum in order to thwart an evil org known as the Order.

Well, it’s good to see an webvideo show making some money with sponsors. Congratulations.

Update: I should have been more profound in my comments. I was quoted in C|Net news blog for the post.


One Response to LonelyGirl15 has lovely skin

  1. Bravo! Of all the bloggers CNN quoted on the LonelyGirl15 Neutrogena deal yours is the only one I agree with. Advertising is like oxygen.

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