OMG I’m at the Mall

My mac decided not to work today, so I went to the Mac store in Tyson’s Corner to get it fixed. Sure enough when I got to the mac store my computer was fine. I guess my mac was lonely and just wanted to see some of its old friends.

Living in DC I don’t mae it out to the mall too much. I like to shop locally. But there aren’t any mac stores in the district, so I hopped in a zipcar and headed out to Tyson’s Corner Mall.

Currently I’m at the WiFi enabled food court eating a slice of “New York’s Favorite Pizza.” That’s a registered trademark by Famous Famiglia Pizza.

This place is huge. There is so much going on and it’s packed. All sorts of people hang out at the mall. I saw one guy wearing charm bracelets and Batman sweatbands circa 1989 on each wrist. He was hanging out by the kids playpen. I don’t know if that’s ok.

The food court is a lot nicer than other malls I’ve been to. There’s a TGI Fridays a Coldstone and a bunch of other crappy fast food places save for my delicious pizza.

photo-86.jpgTha MallFood Court


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