The French Don’t Vomit and They Speak German

Turns out the the video service with the second most users isn’t American, it’s France’s DailyMotion. Reston, VA based ComScore surveyed the amount of videos served and the amount of time users spent on video sites and saw that after King YouTube, DailyMotion was second followed by MetaCafe, Break, Heavy, Revver (home of lonelygirl15) and Veoh. There’s more good news for Break and Veoh. Break has mose users between 18 and 34 (although in niche marketing, does that really matter anymore) and visitors to Veoh spent the most time there at 104.2 minutes per stream.

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From ComScore:


A recent study published by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association said, it was news and political video that was seeing the most viewers, followed by funny videos. It’s interesting to see if Veoh (which has very little political video and break which appeals to 18-34 year olds will are better off with or without the political crowd.) What matters more current news content or evergreen viral videos like Lazy Sunday or the Bulldog on the skate board? DailyMotion doesn’t seem to want videos that appeal to the Vimeo crowd:

Dailymotion vs competition
Uploaded by Dailymotion

Update: After watching this video, I think I want to stick with American webvideo…

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