Amen, Om.

As I noted in my post about Live Earth’s internet video, except in the case of a big event such as Live Earth, a sporting event or a virtual townhall, there is no need for a live broadcast online. People use DVRs because they want to watch content on their time, not at the time the networks think they should.

It’s even more irreverent online. Who wants to sit in front of their computer for hours watching the live content? Pause, rewind and fast forward are so necessary to enhance the viewing experience.

Om Malik from GigaOm and NewTeeVee writes on Sunday about live broadcasting…it’s a good read. Check it out here.

On the Internet, Live TV is even more irrelevant, which is one of the reasons my ex-colleague Business 2.0’s Erick Schonfeld is bemused by all the fuss over LiveStation, the P2P TV offering from Skinkers/Microsoft.

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