Maybe I was wrong…

A few weeks ago, I wrote that there should be a major shake up in the video player world. My argument was there are too many video players out there. Between YouTube and DailyMotion, Veoh, Break and MetaCafe, Grouper, blip and facebook and WordPress and Myspace, it seems like every website has a method of converting an mp4 to flash and serving video. There are so many that it’s almost impossible to count how many exist.

Even though I wrote that there are too many players, that doesn’t stop the reinvention of the wheel. And with these new sites comes new funding. NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes writes today that raised $21 million from Lionsgate; the amount wasn’t officially disclosed, but Variety claims the inside track, saying the stock deal bought the studio 42 percent of the website. Lionsgate is looking to find talent on the site and promote and distribute its own releases. In a press release Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns said the studio became interested in Break after having success as an advertiser there.

While I may be wrong for the moment and money is pouring in to these players, I still contend that there just isn’t room for over 100 video players. While TVTrip acquired a video hotel directory, video players may find their niche, but for general videos players like the aforementioned can only air so much quality, entertaining content.


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