Could the iPhone mean universal free wireless?

One of the major flaws with the Apple’s iPhone is that it runs on AT&T’s slow EDGE network. EDGE is said to run just a little fast than a fast dial-up connection. This is fune for a phone with a text based or limited graphics internet connection such most BlackBerrys, but not fast enough for the iPhone which runs, “the full internet.” To solve this problem, the iPhone also has a wifi connection. The problem is users need to be in a wifi zone. If a user is in a wifi zone, their iPhone works as fast as their laptop.

According to the Wall Street Journal other phone makers are seeing Apple’s use of wifi as an example and are considering adding wifi to their phones. This is great, but what’s the point if when phone users are outside of their home and not connected to wifi connection? It’s a wasted feature if users can’t connect to the internet.

But what if there was universal free wireless internet? So far Philadelphia and San Francisco are the only major American cities to offer up free wifi city wide, but if every American city offered wifi and users were always connected, every where could be a store. Someone driving in a car sees a billboard, easily accesses the internet on their cell and places an order. Business could totally benefit from universal free wifi. It’s like a pedistrain walkway that dead ends into their store.

Of course as we’ve seen from the internet, necessity is the mother of all invention and as the tools increase free universal wifi means no matter your economic standing, you can get online. Since phones are cheaper than computers, that means as more phones become equipped with wifi, more people will have access to the internet. Not to mention the good universal wifi does for the civic action.


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