ABC teams up with Mefeedia

ABC news is teaming up with Mefeedia to for their iCaught feature.

Mefeedia will be providing LINKS to some favorite videos to ABC News
(again, ABC won’t post without contacting the creator and getting
permission), and links to who we think would be great to interview
on the show, but ABC can not make any commitments as to who will or
won’t be on.

We’ll see if ABC’s User generated content will fly. My guess is no. There are only a handful of user generated political that have worked. They are fun, exciting and different. But there only only been a handful…you can probably name them all: Obama Girl, the anti-Hillary 1984 ad. And what else has really caught fire, a couple of Mitt Romney videos? The John Edwards haircut video and Hillary Clinton singing video aren’t user generated content. The IAFF anti-Giuliani video is professional.

So can ABC sustain a full user generate content channel?

We hope to help those creators who would like increased exposure,
and most importantly to bring attention to the vloggers’ great
talent and stories to people who appreciate it.

Frank Sinton

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