Ok, is it mainstream now?

A few weeks back, I met with someone (a big deal, influential somebody) who told me that their audience doesn’t watch web video and that webvideo is just for showing silly videos to 18 year-olds.

I just saw these two stories on my favorite blog newteevee.com about webvideo use. Comscore’s data says 8.3 BILLION videos were streamed in May 2007.

In May, 132 million Americans — seventy-five percent of the U.S. internet users — viewed streaming video online, according to comScore figures released today. It’s perhaps not so much of a jump as the headlines might tell you, up from 123 million in January of this year.

Either 18 year-olds are watching so much video they aren’t doing anything else or everyone is watching video.

Check out the story from Newteevee.com

18 yearold

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