Sports Friday

Lance Armstrong was accused by a French paper of doping. Floyd Landis is still fighting  a 2006 positive doping test by the Tour de France and now comes word that the leader of this year’s Tour de France has tested positive for doping.  According to NPR’s morning edition, the current yellow jersey leader, Danish Michael Rasmussen will be dropped by the Danish team for “not informing Danish anti-doping authorities of his training whereabouts” and a German rider’s positive test for doping “prompted two German TV networks to halt coverage of the tour.”

Riders have been accused of doping for the Tour de France since the race’s inception, but with the two most recent racers under suspicion of doping and the hell that Landis is going through in an effort to keep his title, that maybe cyclists would stay off the juice and practice in the public eye. German fans who love bike racing won’t get to see the race this year, because the networks which normally show the race are disgusted by the cyclists actions. Not to metion that after eight consecutive years of American media fawning over the French race, the American media has paid almost no attention to the Tour this summer.

Now to the NBA. Read this story about a referee accused of betting on NBA games…including games he officiated. My guess if this is true, this is why Kobe can’t catch a break!

The probe, which began recently, also involves allegations that the referee had connections to organized crime associates. Other arrests are expected, the official said.

The referee had a gambling problem, according to the official, and was approached by low-level mob associates through an acquaintance.


2 Responses to Sports Friday

  1. Luc says:

    Hi you are mistaken in your comment that Ramussen tested positive. He was only guilty of leaving a day early for his holiday/training and not informing the Danish association that he was leaving. They came to perform a surprise test and he was not around. So he was kicked off the the Danish national squad. He did not test positive for any substance.

  2. Hi Luc, thanks for writing. I never said that Ramussen tested positive for anything. Just like you said, when the Danish team came looking for him to test him, he wasn’t around and that’s what led him to be dropped.

    But as I said in my post, with all the suspicion in the sport, cyclists should practice in the open and be around so they can be tested.

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