The Google network?

According to the Financial Times, Google may or may not be looking to spend up to $4.6 billion to buy a chunk of the US wireless spectrum.

Google has disclosed for the first time that it is prepared to bid in a forthcoming auction of wireless spectrum in the US, a move that could eventually mean it will emerge as a fully fledged operator of a wireless communications network.

However, while the search company indicated it was prepared to bid at least $4.6bn, it said it would take part only if federal regulators adopted rules for the auction that had already been strongly opposed by existing wireless companies.

That condition, and early signs of the Federal Communications Commission’s position on the issue, made it far less likely that Google would step forward to bid, according to analysts.

This story is rather silly. The FT said that Google is interested, but it appears that the interest may only be preliminary since, there are too many FCC and competitive hoops that Google isn’t interested in jumping through.


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