Bad news day for NASA

Last summer there was the story about the astronaut, Lisa Nowak, who drove across the south to confront her lover’s lover while wearing a diaper (although Nowak’s attorney says there was no diaper). Then there was the hostage situation at a NASA facility that resulted in the murder-suicide of a NASA employee and the suspected disgruntled employee. Today there are two bad stories: The first one was about astronauts who were said to be “so drunk they posed a flight-safety risk” and another story about the alleged sabotage of a NASA computer that was bound for space by a NASA contractor.

I don’t know if the worst part of the drunken astronaut story was the fact that astroauts broke the “bottle-to-throttle” rule of not drinking within 12-hours of a flight or this quote by chairman of the House Science and Technology committee Bart Gordon (D-TN 6th):

“That’s not the ‘right stuff’ as far as I’m concerned,”

Come on Congressman, there are better astronaut puns than “the right stuff.” How about, “Astronauts shouldn’t be blasted at blast-off” or “Astronauts shouldn’t drink and fly.”


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