Is the GOP too good for you…tube?

Patrick Ruffini writes that the Republican candidates are starting to get cold feet when it comes to  the YouTube debate. Rudy Giuliani is unlikely to participate because of “scheduling conflicts” (what’s he got to do other than run for president) and Mitt Romney thinks the debate was kind of cheezy.

Romeny told the Manchvegas Union Leader, ” I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman.”

My argument, Governor, is that it isn’t how the question is asked, it’s what is question. When Massachusetts election officials were holding hearings to decide if you were actually a resident of Massachusetts or Utah, your campaign had someone standing outside the Capitol building dressed in a chicken outfit making the point that Democrats were “too chicken” to have you in the campaign.

If your successful campaign for governor can go to such levels as dressing someone in a chicken costume to make a point, then why can’t a snowman ask a question about global warming?


My guess is Romney or the GOP isn’t too concerned about who asks the question, they might be more concerned on what questions are asked. Perhaps you’ll get some good questions, like what are you going to do about the ending the war or even ending the genocide in Darfur?



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