Politics: Hollywood for ugly people

That’s the old adage, but it’s quickly changing. As politics moves more online and becomes more and more accessible to people in their everyday life, more people want get involved and it isn’t just open to the geeks any more. Sometimes politics actually attracts smoking hot people.

To prove this, the Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill released their 50 most beautiful people on the Hill section. Democratic Congressman Brad Ellsworth of Indiana is number 1. I’ve met him and between Rep. Ellsworth and his wife, they are a stunning couple. My friend, the lovely Jess Smith made the list this year. The Hill has good taste.
Photo from The Hill

The Hill says of Smith:

With her porcelain skin and brilliant smile, you’d expect her to be a former model. In fact, Smith’s modeling career took off before middle school, as she and fraternal twin brother Matt appeared in national commercials and print ads for the kids’ overall line OshKosh B’Gosh. The Smith kids surprised their mom last year by restaging their advertisement, both in cheeky cuffed overalls.

Note: Jess outranked a Republican Cheerleader from Washington’s NFL team.

2 Responses to Politics: Hollywood for ugly people

  1. Jeff says:

    Politics is Hollywood for the Ugly.

    Want proof:

    Nancy Peloci
    Harry Reed
    Chris Dodd
    Bernie Sanders
    Barney Frank

    They are all nerds outcasts who were rejected in school and feel victimized by the cheerleader and Jocks.

  2. Jeff,

    That’s a pretty lame post. The above leaders you’ve named have been great leaders for our country.

    Thanks for reading and writing…although I totally disagree with you.

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