Another player begins, another has problems and TechCrunch have posts that are interesting for my ongoing argument about the rise and fall of video players. The BBC has launched their iPlayer, but it only works on Windows XP (WTF!). Says Om of iPlayer:

The iPlayer will allow viewers to download from a menu of programs that aired on BBC channels over a 7-day period, and they will have the ability to watch them up to 30 days after the download. Another UK-based TV network, Channel 4 has a similar service, called 4OD. If you try iPlayer, let us know what you think.

While one player starts another might be leaving. After raising $5.5 million in March of 2006, and hiring Robert Scoble from Microsoft, they are having problems keeping the funding going.

According to TechCrunch:

But Podtech needed a second round of financing…and they couldn’t convince a new investor to come in at current traffic levels and revenues. Two weeks ago existing investors US Venture Partners and Venrock Associates invested another $2 million in the company at the same valuation as the first round. Between revenues and the new capital, [Podtech CEO John] Furrier says they are good for a few more months.

Ah, to the circle of life!


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