Thank You. Come again.

I saw the Simpsons movie late Thursday night, early Friday morning. I know. Seeing the midnight showing of a movie on opening weekend sounds a bit obsessive, but while I’m not a HUGE Simpsons fan, I wanted to see the movie and thought it would be fun to see it with an excited crowd.

The movie was ok. The first half-hour was really funny. Then it went downhill fast (didn’t they do an episode with an avalanche scene?). The best part was a guy in the theater was dressed as Homer. He was wearing Homer’s traditional white shirt and had a pillow under his shirt. He even went so far as to shave his head minus two strands to resemble Homer’s head. The guy was even really drunk…and that was his downfall. He screamed throughout the movie and was eventually tossed by movie management. After a while, when I was bored by the movie, I kind of missed the real life Homer’s random outbursts.

To advertise the move, a few 7-11s from around the US and Canada transformed their stores from 7-11s to the Simpsons’ Kwik-E-Mart. The Washington Post has a video detailing the transformation.




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