Howard Stern–blogger

On this morning’s show, Howard was talking about Don Imus and was wondering why Imus wants to come back to radio. The guy’s rich, he was humiliated in front of the entire country, forced out of his job. And even though his show’s ratings were low and they haven’t dropped since he was forced off the air, radio stations are still contemplating hiring him.

Howard was wondering why Imus would want that aggravation and embarrassment in his life. Howard then said that he wonders what he’s going to do after he retires. Artie Lange chimed in, “one word. Blogging.” Howard then said, “yeah, I can see that in my future. Podcast.”

I figure Howard will need about $600 million to pull him away from Sirius at the end of his contract. I’ve about $300 million saved up. Anyone want to front the rest?

One Response to Howard Stern–blogger

  1. Yeah, that’ll be the day.

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