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If you aren’t reading NewTeeVee daily, you should. The site has the best webvideo news. Jackson West always comes up with the best stories and some great commentary.

Today he points to Pluggd. It’s a service that uses voice recognition to allow users to scan through video looking for keywords. Just like searching a text blog, you can just enter a search term and find what you’re looking for.

The problem is, as West points out, is the search result might come back at the beginning, middle or end of the clip. So you have to watch a lot of the clip to find what you’re looking for.

Sometimes what you’re looking for is at the beginning, sometimes at the end, and usually somewhere in between. This isn’t a big deal for bite-sized clips, but anything longer-format, especially news and talk shows, makes hunting down just the info you need a maddeningly slow process — and users often bail on a clip if they don’t find what they want right away.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty cool feature and once it works, it can do wonders for longer format shows. Giving users an targeted fast function feature. Also the video clip they use of the InDigital is pretty fun to watch.

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