Webvideo wars are coming

Yahoo announced last week that the company will be making a big effort to take on YouTube. There’s obviously a huge market for webvideo and Yahoo doesn’t wan to lie down and let YouTube get all the action. Google is the noun that became a verb that became a $34 billion media empire and YouTube has become synonymous with webvideo.  Yahoo wants a piece of the action.
Yahoo, like Google video before the company acquired YouTube, is far behind in the number of user that watch video on its site. It’s not even in the top five of places to watch video. But what Yahoo has that video editors may like and what may set it apart from YouTube is JumpCut. JumpCut is a gret program that allows users to upload their raw footage and edit it on the web. This means that users don’t need expensive editing equipment or to be well versed in editing.

But as more content becomes available online and users start to expect higher quality content does it make sense to go after the amateur video maker or after higher quality video content such as Jetset Show, Goodnight Burbank and Nobody’s Watching? Veoh is making a name for itself by finding great content and it shows in the number of views their video gets.

How to take on YouTube is an interesting debate. Do competitors come after the giant by trying to beat it at its own game or be being creative and finding a new niche. Yahoo might argue that JumpCut is its niche.

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