Wish you were here…

I first started my blog when I was stuck in the airport in Las Vegas last summer (oh yeah, happy birthday blog) when was really bored. I decided to take a picture of myself once an hour on the hour and post it to the site. The posts are here somewhere. Once I made it back to DC, I I started posting when I would travel. Sometimes, I’d be traveling to places like Virginia, Maryland or different parts of DC.

I also wrote about my trip to India, Dubia and Bahrain and I think I’ve written about the places I’d love to go.

Lately, I’ve been writing about webvideo and the business behind it. But I don’t want to forget about traveling. Soon, I’ll leave DC for Denver for a year and while I can’t wait, I’d love to be traveling around the world.

My friend Jake is with his family in Eastern Africa on a nice trip. He is blogging his trip at Citizen Jake. Check out his post from his first day on the ground.

If you know of good travel blogs, let me know and I’ll post them to my blogroll.


Chinatown, Chicagodscn1130.jpg


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