YouTube has launched their new YouChoose 08 page. It’s pretty cool, where it links candidates to issues. In the education category, YouTubers are missing videos from four of the GOP candidates and the Dems are missing out on Mike Gravel’s video on Education.

Youtube education

Yahoo also has a new political site that worth checking out. Yahoo political has RSS feed to news on all candidates, plus Yahoo allows you to get political information sent directly to your phone. Right now Yahoo Elections have news for all the candidates, I assume soon they’ll have a category for the party. It’s all good stuff. This election, voters are going to have access to so much information on the election process.


One Response to YouChoose08-2.0

  1. gary says:

    Only problem with the YouChoose site is that they leave out some of the candidates (all of the independants). I have a similar matrix you might want to check out…

    More candidates, more issues…


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