The Crooks and Liars of everything

John Amato had the first video blog that featured the best of political video. He hosted it on his site called Crooks and Liars. To this day, John is the go to site for political video.

But where do you go to find “the best of all other webvideo”? says it’s the place to go. Their editors say what’s hot, you comment and Gloob says it gives you video without suckiness. Right now Gloob has a ton of video ranging from Colbert to Beckham’s MLS debut.

Gloob doesn’t seem to be too much different than Cozmo is a little known site, that is raising big bucks, that allows users to have their own channel and vote on videos from across the web. The more you vote on videos, the better Cozmo claims to know you. So the next video Cozmo shows is something you want to watch. Cozmo also claims that it serves ads that appeal to the user.

Gloob may not be at the guessing what you want to see next stage, but, in the end there’s a mess of videos for you to check out. All thriller no filler.



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