Going Green

Earlier this summer I took a big trip to Dubai and India (and 24 hours in Bahrain because of a canceled flight). You can read all about it by clicking on India on the categories list. Turns out that all my flights came out to more than 34,000 miles. With all that flying, my annual carbon footprint soared. While I’ve been putting it off, today I went on to the site TerraPass and bought carbon offsets to make my flights carbon neutral. For 34,000 plus miles, I spent about $64 to offset the 7 tons of greenhouse causing gases my flights put in the atmosphere.

In addition at helping lower my carbon footprint, I also get a green luggage for my offsetting the carbon emissions.



One Response to Going Green

  1. silbatron says:

    that’s a sexy luggage tag… surprised i don’t see more around the airports. pretty cool that you thought to offset your vacation

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