It’s Complicated…TM

Almost everyday I get a Friendster update in my email box. I usually ignore them because who really ever uses Friendster anymore? Only recently did they start allowing users to post as many photos as they want and their idea of customization was to allow users to post a Jansport logo backdrop on their page. Nothing says cool to a 16 year old like the brand of their backpack.

While the palpable  demise of Friendster is attributed to the rise of MySpace, the fact is Friendster has never really changed. As hard as I’ve tried to get into Friendster, there really isn’t much to do. Facebook is a community where users can tell each other what’s going on and people can stay connected. Friendster, for a long while only allowed for testimonials or short quips people said about their friends. There was no dialog like there is on the Facebook wall.

While Friendster’s downward spiral has continued since MySpace’s rise and Facebook went public, I noticed that Friendster actually trademarked the relationship demarcation “It’s Complicated.” Way to go! Now no one out side of  Friendster will denote their undefinable relationship status as “It’s Complicated” without mentioning that the phrase is trademarked by Friendster. I guess “just hooking up” or “friends with benefits” were already taken.

Trademark Friendster


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