Ads in YouTube

Veoh, blip, BrightCove and some other sites have pre or post roll advertising. Users can opt to have those video sites insert ads into the video and in return they share the revenue. Other sites in exchange for hosting the video place ads on the side of the video rather than in the video. YouTube decided to stick advertising in the ads without the permission of the user, this according to C|Net.

YouTube may feel jutified in doing this, but this may be the reason why video content providers skip out on posting their video to YouTube.

Fans of Google’s YouTube are starting to react to overlay advertisements the company began testing on Wednesday. Some find them jarring, some in international quarters wish they could see them, and still others are wondering if they can make money off their own videos with these ads. While there’s hardly a unanimous opinion, one thing is for certain: Google is finally looking to cash in on its $1.65 billion YouTube acquisition.


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