Virgin in Space

Virgin Galactic launched a few years back with the promise to send passengers in space. Projected to start commercial flights in 2009 or 2010, Virgin promises passengers a 4 to 5 minute zero G flight in space for the going price of $200,000 per passenger. Virgin Galactic has a 9 minute video on its website narrated by Virgin CEO Richard Branson  that is truly amazing and makes me I could go on the suborbital flight tomorrow. Damn the risk! I want to see Earth from above. Until the flight, I guess I’ll stick to Google Earth.



2 Responses to Virgin in Space

  1. lynnae says:

    “Virgin Galatic says it didn’t lose any customers after last month’s accident”

    This is a quote from a headline…….so the loss of those lives wasn’t considered losing customers?

  2. Johan says:

    Branson’s enterprising skills were always essential to the result of his dreams in which the sky is the limit. His realism and growing affinity with money gradually transformed his personality into enterprising for and through the mass-conciousness flamboyant ‘man of the world’ he became, his age doesn’t really matter, and he’s right, apart from fysically diminuished capacities at 80 (hopefully for us his mental state will be equal as it is today – no Alzheimer,…), at let’s say 50 or 60, a person can still be around in his world. My personal respect believes in his enterprising. By means of gradual insight, combined with trial-error, selfpropelling optimism, awareness of combining psychological as well as fysical challenges he now can dream and have possible achievements, only being ‘possible’ because these ideas look far-fetched, but achieving them would be his personal achievement. Only seeming farfetched for the ones who are not in his mind. By stretching his mind, he will achieve. I have an utmost respect, as long as the achievement takes care of the ones who can’t achieve the ‘ride in the sky’. Because by doing the latter, one can define ‘The Great’ from ‘The Very Great’.

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