No time for you

The LA Times is reporting today, that effective next month, AT&T will no longer offer callers the ability to call 853-1212 for the updated time. It used to be that when the power would go out, peoplpe living in SoCal could call 853 + and 4 digits and a  recorded message would come on and say, “at the tone, Pacific Daylight Time will be…” it was great. Apparently, this service no linger exists in 48 states. California and Nevada are the 2 exceptions. AT&T tells the times that users have computers and cell phone to keep people informed of the time.

I remember an episode of “Full House” where DJ had just started junior high school or whatever and the new girls in her class were making fun of when she tried to sit next to them at the lunch table. Embarrassed, DJ, left the table and went to the phone booth and pretended to be on a call with a friend…be the viewers got to see that she actually called for time.

Phone booths and now time, two pieces of past technology that kids watching reruns of late 80s early 90s television will have no idea what that’s all about.

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