There are two television shows I watch, “Lost” and “The Office.” I don’t know what time they air because I watch them by downloading them on iTunes. It’s impossible to watch “Lost” on TV because of commercial break ruin the suspense. The price of $1.99 per week for each show is nothing compared to having to sit on my couch at a specific time or buying a TiVo.

I just saw that NBC and iTunes cut their ties to sell NBC shows on the online marketplace.

NBC is the number one supplier of video to iTunes (I don’t know if that is amount of content provided or amount sold. Although I bet those “Law and Order” episodes add up.) Apple says that NBC wanted to double the rate for their content to iTunes and iTunes would have had to charge almost $5.00 for a download. For that amount I could just wait and buy “The Office” DVD. In the end this may just be a power play to drive traffic NBC/News Corp’s Hulu.

Apple said on Friday that NBC had sought to more than double the wholesale rate for each show, which Apple said would have forced its iTunes online store to raise what it charged consumers to $4.99 per TV show episode from $1.99.

The good news is “Lost” is probably safe since Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs sits on the board of ABC.

UPDATE: NewTeeVee is reporting that NBC is going to sell its content on Amazon’s Unbox for the same $1.99 as they sold their content on iTunes. Someone at the peacock network must not like someone at Apple/iTunes.


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