Lawsuits harming video players and UGC

Universal has filed suit agaist the video player Veoh for copyright infringements. If Universal is successful and  Viacom’s lawsuit against YouTube for $1billion is successful, it’s going to be tough for User Generated Content to find a place on the web. While Viacom’s claim is that users simply record their content and post it to YouTube is different than say a band covering a Universal music artist and posting the video to Veoh, in order for these companies to allow users to post video to the site, they may have to go to Google video’s original model of posting video and having it watched by a human who looks for copyright infringements.

I once posted a video that I help produce with the artist Moby. We went to post it to Google video. A day later, I got a letter back from Google telling me, I didn’t have the permission to post Moby on Google. I had to reply that permission was granted by the artist and finally a few days later, we made the Google video. But that process is a pain.

Check out with NewTeeVee has to say about this.


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