Forgive me, but the MTV music awards are on…

…and maybe I just want the traffic, but I’m watching the MTV music awards. There’s one small central stage but many of acts are performing live from the rooms the Palms in Vegas. This is a very cool concept. I missed it but, Britney Spears opened the show and was immediately panned by the LA Times. The Times said she looked fat and “appeared to have forgotten the art of lip-synching.”


Kanye also bashed Brit.

I noticed the Chevy at one of the commercial breaks. Chevy which only two years ago had to cancel a cool concept of allowing users to make their own Tahoe ads because pro-environment users made anti-SUV ads using Chevy’s footage and server space (ha!), has jumped back into the internet ad space sort of. Remember the video on YouTube of the people who took pictures of themselves over a period of a few years? The ad features a guy doing just that and the message promotes a pro-environment message (albeit E-85). Go figure.

BTW: Beyonce and Shakira just won an award. Beyonce’s speech was short sweet and to the point, “Thanks.”

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