When will webvideo be listed on IMDB?

Webvideo is a category in the Emmys and is projected to take in $10 billion in advertising by 2010 (movies made $4 billion in 2007), but for some reason, webvideo is not listed in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). With all of the new, amazing, headline grabbing webvideo content being developed by amateur and professional content developers, my questions is “why not?”

Take Will Farrell. He has made some pretty funny movies and some ridiculously lame movies in his professional career. No matter the box office gross, no matter the critical fanfare surrounding the movie, not even the amount of time he actually appears in the content, if Will Farrell appears on television, movies or a straight to DVD flop, he will be credited on IMDB. But when he put together a webvideo piece where he is berated for being late on his rent by his landlord Pearl who is a foulmouthed 2 year-old girl, Farrell isn’t credited for this work on IMDB. Why not? It’s been viewed 45,427,061 times in just five months.

His movie Stranger than Fiction grossed $40,000,000 in the US. If the average movie ticket costs about $10, that means only 4 million people saw Ferrell’s movie.

Why doesn’t IMDB list “The Landlord” which was viewed by ten times the number of people as Stranger than Fiction?  This bias against the internet as a delivery system needs to change. The Internet Movie Database, needs to start respecting the internet more and posting information of some of the video made specifically for the internet.


One Response to When will webvideo be listed on IMDB?

  1. coffee fiend says:

    did Will Ferrell do this landlord skit specifically for online viewing?

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