Win one for the online advertisers

It makes sense…Rocketboom was hosted on its own servers and only had post roll advertising, but Jackson West from NewTeeVee writes that Rocketboom is now on

Of course that’s the answer. Blip offers inserted, actionable adverting. This means that the Rocketboom team can start making more money for then show.

This is basically a test for online video advertising. If the Rocketboom experiment works, then it could be a huge boost for online video.

The release coincides with a new sponsorship deal to promote the second season of Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program. Clicking on the lower-third overlay will bring viewers to a page on Comedy Central featuring video clips from Silverman and friends. The ad, enabled by Quicktime’s multimedia features, will only display to online viewers, even if downloaded via iTunes — though if viewed on Apple’s iPod, iPhone or Apple TV (where users can’t click), it won’t appear.


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